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Michelle Obama Caused 'The Dress' 2.0 With Her SOTU Look

We can't go through this again.

Tuesday night (Jan. 12) was President Obama's final State of the Union address, and while the content on POTUS's speech was riveting in and of itself (no lame duck here!!), FLOTUS did her fair share of conversation sparking away from the podium. See: below. A photo of Michelle Obama at the event, wearing a Narcisco Rodriguez dress, looking gorgeous and regal as usual.

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But what color would you say that is? Yellow? Orange? Tangerine? Mustard? Marigold? Another word that doubles as a noun and an adjective?

People are having a hard time pinning down the exact color and even comparing the dilemma to the 2015 international crisis of The Dress.

As The Cut noted, Neiman Marcus has dubbed the now sold-out dress as "Marigold" so hopefully we can all relax and move on. Please, Internet, do not turn this into another stressful meme.