'Making A Murderer' Subject Just Filed An Appeal For His Murder Conviction

According to the appeal documents filed by his legal team, Steven Avery's conviction 'cannot stand.'

In the latest development of the now infamous case chronicled in Netflix's documentary series "Making A Murderer," Steven Avery has filed documents with the Wisconsin Court of Appeals to appeal his murder conviction, The Daily Beast reports.

According to the documents filed on Monday (Jan. 11) and acquired by Action2News, Avery's appeal cites several reasons that his conviction for the murder of Teresa Halbach "cannot stand."

First, the document states that the evidence collected was invalid because it only applied to a single property while law enforcement searched several other "separately-owned properties."

It also notes some issues with the jury -- one being that one juror (known as "Juror C.W.") called Avery "f--king guilty" during the trial, which "deprived [him] of an impartial Jury trial," and another that an alternate juror was seated during deliberations (and after closing arguments).