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Town Literally Called Whitesboro Has Voted To Keep Its Racist Town Seal 

The seal appears to depict a white man choking a Native American man.

The upstate New York village of Whitesboro (yes, really) captured the ire of the Internet earlier this year when their deeply troubling and insensitive town seal -- which appears to depict a white man choking a Native American man -- went viral.

An informal vote among the residents on Monday (Jan. 11) ruled that the town would keep the seal which appears on all town documents, vehicles and equipment, according to

The vote allowed residents to decide whether they wanted the current seal or one of several other replacements that were designed. reports that "of 212 votes cast, 157 of them were in favor of retaining the current seal," which dates back to 1883.

The results, apparently, didn't surprise Whitesboro Mayor Patrick O'Connor who told that his office received calls from residents who didn't understand why the seal was being challenged.

Whitesboro Village Clerk and local historian Dana Nimey-Olney told Huffington Post that the outrage is unwarranted and people are simply misreading the image of the seal: "Whitesboro views this seal as a moment in time when good relations were fostered. It is a wrestling match, part of the history, and nothing more."

While it looks like one of the horrifying faux-murals from "Parks and Rec," the Whitesboro seal is very real -- and, if the residents have their way, it's here to stay.

We say this sincerely and from the bottom of our hearts: Yikes.