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Ariel Winter Shut Down Vine Star Nash Grier's 'Super Homophobic And Ignorant' Videos

"#Whydoyouhavefans," she tweeted.

Over the years, Nash Grier has inexplicably amassed over 12 million followers on Vine, where he's managed to make a career off of misogynistic and homophobic videos. His Twitter is full ignorance and, despite some half-hearted apologies, the record of his egregious remarks is well-documented, because the Internet is forever.

That's why we're cheering for "Modern Family" actress Ariel Winter, who, on Sunday (Jan. 10), gave Nash the education he so desperately needs: When #FavNashVid started trending, Ariel did not hold back from joining in:

Ariel followed up with a longer message, which she posted on her Twitter and Instagram, calling him out on his offensive slurs and feigned apologies.

"Your homophobic video that you made when you were 14 was not the only time you spouted homophobic slurs," she wrote. "Your twitter was full of them before you posted the video AND after! With access to the internet, how could you be so ignorant to think that the word you used was not excessively harmful?"

The actress also called Nash out for his misogynistic videos, specifically for policing women about their body hair. "So along with being homophobic, you are also lowering women's self esteem," she wrote.

Ariel also slammed the Viner for his Islamophobic and anti-Asian rhetoric. "Lastly... let's not forget about you tweeting 'getting paranoid when there's a muslim around' or about how you made a Vine mocking how Asian people name their kids!"

Nash unsurprisingly responded with this sophomoric Tweet... which Ariel flawlessly responded:

Lol, #BYE.