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Justin Bieber's Man Bun Is Small But Full Of Potential

Hey, little guy!

Justin Bieber's hair had a whirlwind 2015 -- it was long, it was short, it was brown, it was platinum blond. There was one very popular men's hairstyle, though, that Justin had yet to fully embrace—the man bun.

Sure, he wore it playing basketball at Kanye West's birthday party, but that was for practicality, not for swag. Well, rejoice, dear friends—2016 is our year. Justin's man bun has arrived, and it is very much a deliberate style choice.

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On Saturday (Jan. 9), Justin attended Sean Penn's Haiti Gala with the new look. The top layer, which is longer and blonder than the rest of his hair, was tied back messily in a lil knot. Though the 'do is very ~chill~, he dressed it up with a velvet blazer, resulting in a very surfer-attends-prom look. I'm not mad at it.

Given Justin's affinity for changing his hair, I'm not entirely convinced we'll be seeing much more of the bun -- if it does stick around, though, he can always rely on Harry Styles for styling tips.