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11 Reasons 'Zenon the Zequel' Was Even Better Than The Original

But the whole trilogy still makes my heart go boom, boom, boom.

When Disney Channel first took us to the adventures of the year 2049 with “Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century,” I thought that movies had hit their peak. I thought that no one, not Disney Channel or anyone else, would ever be able to top the adventures of Zenon Kar and her stellunarious friends as they rocketed through space trying to save their home.

But I’ve got some surprising news major for you: Disney managed to top “Zenon” just a couple years later with the release of “Zenon the Zequel,” which is celebrating its 15th anniversary today (feel old yet?). “Zenon the Zequel” took everything great about the first film and amped it up a notch, with a brand new adventure and that helped launch the franchise even further into the future (to the year 2051, to be exact).

In honor of the film’s anniversary, here are all the reasons that “Zenon the Zequel” was able to fly above the original.

  1. Of course, the outfits were still on point.
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  2. And so was the slang.
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    “I’m not a moron major” is my new favorite comeback.

  3. The message of friendship was still there.
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    And in this movie even Margie got to join in! (Although we will never forgive the recasting of Raven Symone as Nebula.)

  4. The movie starts off with a “Star Wars”-esque reel.
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    As all great films do.

  5. Zenon is way more mature now.
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    Although she was a great heroine in the first movie, it’s nice to see Zenon grow up a little and start to take responsibility for her actions.

  6. There’s no love interest, since Zenon is a smart and independent woman who doesn't need a guy to be happy.
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    Plus, Greg was kind of annoying anyways.

  7. Instead, the film focuses on empowering its female characters and teaching people to face their fears.
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    Besides Zenon as the obvi heroine of the film, the movie also showcases her mom and aunt as they face some of their biggest phobias in the name of helping the cause.

  8. There's also this guy.
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    Orion is my fav.

  9. And ALIENS.
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    Cool, glowing light aliens who like to listen to Protozoa!

  10. It ends with the culmination of the best love story of the century.
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    Commander Plank and Aunt Judy forever. <3

  11. And, of course, Protozoa’s newest great hit.

    Way better than “Supernova Girl.” #SorryNotSorry