Two Of Carrie's Boyfriends Staged A Mini 'Sex And The City' Reunion

We imagine Carrie cowering in a dark corner somewhere with a cosmo, watching it all unfold.

Pre-Golden Globes parties always manage to stage the most unlikely of photo ops, and this latest entry has us feeling all of the nostalgia. While in attendance at the "Spotlight" and Ketel One celebration in Beverly Hills on Friday (Jan. 8), Mr. Big (Chris Noth) and Aidan Shaw (John Corbett) came face to face. So was there a mud-filled fight à la their characters' infamous Season 4 country cabin showdown?

Luckily, it was all WAY less awkward than that time Miranda and Carrie ran into Steve and Aidan having drinks with their new girlfriends. Carrie Bradshaw's two leading men kept it classy during their mini-reunion, looking alarmingly dapper (Big's mustache! Aidan's unbuttoned shirt!) while posing alongside Sharon Stone and Corbett's girlfriend, Bo Derek.


Is anyone else suddenly shipping these two? At the very least, we couldn't help but wonder -- what would a massive reunion of all Carrie's exes from the show, captained by Sarah Jessica Parker, look like? From heavyweights like Jack Berger and Alexsandr Petrovsky to the twentysomething guy, The New Yankee, that one with the great family but tiny (ahem) member, the recovering alcoholic, the golden shower-loving politician, the lying Hollywood agent, the obsessive jazz aficionado, the fleet week sailor...the list goes on. When it comes to relationships...sometimes, you just can't fit them all into one room.