Gene Page/AMC

Another 'Walking Dead' Spin-Off Might Happen And We've Got Ideas

Sorry, Carl.

The zombies walkers of AMC's "The Walking Dead" have been slow-lurching across our TV screens for half a decade now, but the undead are just as alive as ever in the realm of pop culture, if the continued ratings ownage by the series (and its spin-off companion show) is any indication.

Both "TWD" and its follow-up "Fear the Walking Dead" have been continuously slaying in the viewership department, so it shouldn't serve as too much of a surprise that the showrunners would definitely be down to ride this gravy train to a third station. ???=???

In a chat with Vulture, network exec Charlie Collier said that they are "open to ideas that feel organic to the creators" and "if Robert [Kirkman] had a world he wanted to explore, you can bet that we are not just leaning into that conversation, but we're actively engaging in it."

While that might not be happening at this exact moment, it's safe to say it's a definite possibility if the right suggestion comes along, so we put our braaaaaains together and came up with a few of our own to serve as inspiration. (Fair warning: Spoilers and sarcasm ahead.)

  • "Killing Carl"

    Of all the seemingly untouchable characters on the show, Carl is the most frustrating for a lot of folks. Let's just say there are a great many fans who'd be happy to see him get the proverbial ax, so the network could probably make a good penny putting that out there in its own variation.

  • "Rick's Revolver Range"

    Collier said that it was a "deliberate decision" for "FTWD" not to be a "spin-off" that follows an existing character into another realm, but nevermind that. We'd totally watch the Ricktator opening up shop and trying to make a go of being a monster-slaying maestro -- and maybe letting someone else lead up the pack of survivors for a little while?

  • "Generation Z"

    If Judith and baby Rhee-to-be make it out of the now dead-riddled Alexandria, and avoid the fate of their fellow apocalypse era children (R.I.P. Lizzie and Mika), there's potential aplenty for the next generation of end of times endurance to explore. Unlike the above jocular options, this actually might prove interesting and feasible, considering enough time will have passed that Rick's squad could still unfold as needs be without *really* impacting the kids' future stories.

  • "The Last Cruise"

    The "Fear the Walking Dead Flight 462" off-shoot has been a fun and super intense webisode series to watch -- even if its bits-and-pieces nature is a little tedious to keep up with. So, what about looking into other spaces of outbreak, like, say, a cruise ship full of vacationers traveling shore to shore who slowly but surely become overrun with this deathly outbreak? Could be pretty thrilling, TBH.

  • "WWZ"

    The Max Brooks faithful can all agree that Brad Pitt's "World War Z" movie was absolutely nothing like its in-name-only source material. It was just a different story entirely, whether you liked it or not. But maybe AMC can turn it all around and present some of those hair-raising post-zombie-riddance survivor accounts that wove together so terrifyingly in "WWZ" and thus create a book end to match "FTWD."