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Studying Abroad Will Be Wayyy Easier With This Translation Device

How do you say "You're hot" in Japanese? Don't know? Don't worry.

Not knowing a foreign language can be one of the most daunting things about traveling abroad. How will you ask where the bathroom is? Or, more importantly, talk to any cuties you come across? Logbar, a new start-up in Japan, has you covered. The company developed a stick-shaped translator called the "ili." It allows you to translate yourself on the go.

According to Logbar's promotional video (below), the wearable device works when someone speaks into it. It then reproduces your sentence in the language of your choice, allowing you to converse with strangers -- or, if you're the guy in this video, ask them to kiss you. Over and over again.

Okay, maybe don't do that. We could definitely see how this would be a helpful tool for "foreign relations," though.

H/T Mashable