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Tennessee High School Cancels Basketball Season After Teammate Rape Investigation

Florida professor fired for claiming Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax and Bill Cosby won't be charged in two L.A. assault cases.

Three Ooltewah High School Players Are Accused Of Assault

Officials at the Tennessee high school suspended the boy's basketball program for the rest of the season on Wednesday out of concern that continuing could "threaten the integrity" of a probe into rape allegations. Three teens -- who are not being named due to their ages -- are facing rape and aggravated assault charges following an alleged Dec. 22 hazing-like attack on a 15-year-old teammate during a basketball tournament in Gatlinburg in which a pool cue caused injuries that required the victim to have surgery. The three players had already been kicked off the team and now two other mothers have come forward to claim that their sons were beaten during the trip.

Florida Atlantic Prof. Fired After Sandy Hook Comments

After months of posts in which he reportedly questioned whether the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary was real, officials at Florida Atlantic University announced this week that they fired professor James Tracy. The termination process began last month after the parents of the youngest victim in the 2012 mass shooting that took the lives of 20 school children told school officials that Tracy had repeatedly harassed them for proof that their six-year-old son Noah had ever lived and that they were his parents. Tracy reportedly wrote several posts claiming the incident was a hoax designed to pass gun-control legislation.

Chinese Stock Market Trading Halted After 29 Minutes

The "circuit breaker" on China's CSI 300 stock index was tripped just 14 minutes of live trading (plus a 15-minute temporary suspension) on Thursday (Jan. 7) after it fell 7.3 percent, marking the shortest trading day in the nation's history. The plunge is being blamed on the Chinese government's gradual withdrawal of measures to boost share prices after a similar meltdown last June and the weakening of the nation's currency, the yuan. Financial markets across the globe were expected to reflect the volatility facing the world's second-biggest economy during trading on Thursday.

Quick Take - No Charges For Cosby: Authorities in Los Angeles have decided not to charge disgraced comedian Cosby, 78, in two cases alleging sexual assault, citing insufficient evidence and the statute of limitations in the cases dating back to 1965 and 2008. The older case involved a then-17-year-old woman who claimed Cosby forced her to have intercourse with him, while the 2008 claimant alleged Cosby sexually assaulted her at the Playboy mansion when she was 18. Cosby is still facing aggravated indecent assault charges in Pennsylvania.

Really? Really?: Maybe Libertarian Gary Johnson didn't get the memo, but most candidates have been running for president for almost a year. That didn't stop the two-term Republican New Mexico Gov. from launching his wayyyy longshot campaign on Wednesday. He said he has "no delusions of grandeur" about his prospects considering how badly things went in 2012, when he ran as a Republican, then abruptly switched to the Libertarian party; though he did get the most votes (1.3 million) of any Libertarian candidate in history. A marijuana legalization booster, Johnson was the CEO of Cannabis Sativa Inc. until this week.

Definition Of Irony: An ABC News van was reportedly robbed on Wednesday while it was parked 100 feet away from a press conference featuring Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser discussing plans to... wait for it... establish a task force to lower the amount of robberies in the District.