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6 Ways Amy Schumer Is Already Owning 2016

2015 was great and all, but this year's going to own even harder.

You'd be hard-pressed to find just about anyone who didn't lose at least one pair of socks to the charm of Amy Schumer in 2015 'cause she was anything but a trainwreck last year. And it looks like 2016 is going to be another banner year for the NSFW funny lady because she's already running the game in more ways than one, and we're only six days into this thing.

  1. Because first of all, she's a fancy flier now.

    Even her dog gets better seating than us lowly coach dwellers, but we ain't mad.

  2. Plus, she's got a Writer's Guild Nomination to add to her growing pile of critical nods.

    Schumer's "Trainwreck" script is nominated in the WGA's Original Screenplay category, which is another big beautiful drop in her world domination bucket -- which already includes an Emmy win and a Golden Globe nom.

  3. Which means it's perfect timing that she's finished that script with Jennifer Lawrence.

    Per J.Law, the comedy movie they've been co-writing since becoming surprise besties last summer is now in the editing phase. Yep, the drafting is done and not surprisingly their movie lines are good enough to have had them both "laughing out loud" at themselves (as we all will, we're sure) when they read it. This is gonna be so good, guys.

  4. Oh, and yeah she totally just trolled everyone who was trolling her about the new boyfriend situation.

    Everyone seems pretty surprised about Amy's Insta-introduction of a new "man," but she totally told us about meeting someone -- complete with a yeast infection medication treatment selfie -- last week.

    Even still, when Amy brought her new fella (whose name is Ben Hamisch, and he's a furniture-maker from Chicago who was wise enough to refer to our girl as "the smartest, funniest, most beautiful woman" in his own photo roll-out because DAMN SKIPPY, DUDE) into the social media fold, the internet exploded with new interest.

    Amy being six steps ahead of the game, per usual, saw an opportunity to (1) poke fun at all of the attention while still promoting her anti-gun violence mission and (2) pointing everyone in the immediate direction of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society's donation page. Well played, Amy. ?

  5. "Inside Amy Schumer" also just got another season order, NBD.
    Comedy Central

    Comedy Central just renewed Schumer's Emmy-winning series for a fifth season, and Amy is over the moon about it. “We are so excited to get picked up. I’ve gotten picked up many times, but this time feels the best," she said in a statement.

  6. Annnnd she's being recognized for her influence with gun control measures.
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    Amy has been an outspoken advocate for gun control legislation and action -- alongside her cousin, who just happens to be New York Senator Chuck Schumer -- and she was front row for President Obama's White House presentation of executive measures to reduce gun violence in America on Tuesday (Jan. 5). Which means that in addition to making everyone pee their pants with all the LOLs, she's also steadily on pace to help change the world in a very real way.