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Is Brandy Becoming A Blues Singer With Her New Track ‘Beggin & Pleadin?'

The new song premiered after Brandy's new BET show, 'Zoe Ever After.'

Brandy is on a new BET show called "Zoe Ever After," which premiered on Tuesday night. On it, she plays "a newly single mother mother who wants to start a cosmetics business," according to IMDb. But in real life, she's still a singer, and maybe, low key, a blues singer -- a fact she went about proving by sharing a bluesy brand-new song called "Beggin & Pleadin" on Soundcloud after the show aired.

"Based on a true story!" the singer wrote on Soundcloud to accompany the track. Brandy also penned a short note when she posted a clip of the song to Facebook.

"Thank you to Oak @oakestra, Pop, Flippa, and of course @kirbylauryen for telling my story!!! As I grew through the subject matter of this song, I realized that I needed ME to forgive me for not believing what I felt!!! So #deuces. #Solo #BrandyEverAfter?"

Pop & Oak, the production duo behind hits from Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Ariana Grande and Alessia Cara, produced "Beggin & Pleadin."

Seeing as how she's tweeted about the song seven times since last night (and that her Twitter handle is "The Next Brandy"), is it reasonable to assume this is just the first taste of whatever's next for Brandy?