Yusuke Nishizawa / Getty Images

A Blind And Deaf Woman Surfing Is All The 2016 Inspiration You Need

Crushing. It.

Disability rights attorney Haben Girma is early into her career, but she's already made quite a splash. Girma, who is herself blind and deaf, graduated from Harvard Law School in 2013.

Last summer, she met with President Barack Obama and won a landmark case guaranteeing that the Americans With Disabilities Act applies to online commerce.

Now Girma can add badass surfer to her impressive credentials. She usually communicates with the help of an electronic device that converts sound to braille symbols, but she was not able to bring this machine into the water with her. Instead, she used physical cues to communicate with her instructor.

"It's symbolic of all of the possibilities that are out there," Girma says about surfing in the Reuters video, below. "I'm not afraid to get in the water, try something new, look silly for a bit."

See Girma in action and be prepared to ask yourself what amazing feat ~you're~ ready to conquer this year:

H/T Cosmopolitan.com