'The Shannara Chronicles' Poll: Can Rover Girl Eretria Ever Be Trusted?

For better or worse, she joined the mission to save the Ellcrys.

femme fa·tale (fem fuh-tal, -tahl | fem fəˈtal): a seductive woman who causes trouble for others, especially the men who become involved with her.

On tonight's "The Shannara Chronicles," Eretria lived up to that very definition once again but, by episode's end, the rogue rover had joined Amberle and Wil's journey to Safehold. Now we're left to wonder: Can Eretria really be trusted to help save the Ellcyrs and, in turn, all of The Four Lands?

Frankly, we're on the fence. Just two weeks ago, Ms. E seduced Wil, drugged his drink and stole his elf stones -- then threw a deadly dagger at the princess when they met in the forest. Oh yeah, she also dragged Wil from a horse and called Amberle a "stuck-up bitch."

But she's shown a sensitive side too, revealing she wants nothing more than to be freed from her father's pack of rovers -- a desire she reiterated tonight when she snuck into Arborlon castle, found Wil and addressed the subject of those magic stones.

"[Cephelo] sent me here to steal them," she said. "He'll kill me if I don't. But I don't want the stones -- I just want your help. I want to get away from him."

Before long, however, she was back to her old tricks (see femme fatale, above): Batting her eyelashes and telling Wil how braaaave he is, she leaned in for a kiss and then sealed the deal with a bona fide bedroom romp. Afterward, as Wil napped, Eretria stole his elf stones yet again.

But a not-so-funny thing happened when the rover tried to sneak out of the castle with her new treasures: She trotted by the Changeling, who had taken the form of a palace guard -- and the demon apparently decided it was the perfect time to kill Amberle and frame Eretria for the murder. Wielding a knife, its attack was foiled by Bandon, who tackled it to the ground.

Running away and morphing back into a guard, the Changeling got off scot-free. Eretria, meanwhile, was apprehended and charged with the attempted assassination of Princess Amberle.

"Are you insane?" she cried. "I'm a lot of things, but I'm not a killer."

She continued her pleas of innocence when Wil confronted her.

"Why would I come all this way to kill Amberle when I had a million chances out there in the woods?" she asked. "If someone's trying to kill her, they're still out there."

Of course, she was right. But thanks to the omnipotent Allanon, the Changeling was soon history (or was it? That ending though) -- and with the case formally closed, Eretria was ready to bounce. "If we're done here, I'll just take my things and go," she said.

But that wasn't meant to be. Discussing her premonitions, Amberle revealed that, indeed, she'd seen herself traveling to Safehold with Wil and Eretria.

"As much as I'd love to see you rot in that cell, the Ellcrys says you're part of the quest," she told the rover.

And so, Amberle, Wil and Eretria officially began their journey to save The Four Lands. But after all she's done, can Eretria really be trusted to help with the mission? Will the rover keep serving her own interests and those of her Svengali-like father? Or will she bond with Amberle and Wil and finally attain freedom from Cephelo? Take our poll, below, head to the comments and talk it out, and be sure to watch the next episode of "The Shannara Chronicles" on Tuesday at 10/9c!

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