Jimmy Fallon Sucked John Stamos' Thumb The First Time They Met

Jimmy got a little taste o' Stamos at a Paul McCartney concert.

Oh, sure, we've all dreamed of meeting John Stamos and immediately putting his fingers in our mouths. But Jimmy Fallon, as always, has already lived our best life for us.

Stamos was on "The Tonight Show" Monday (Jan. 5), where he and Fallon reminisced about the first time they ever met -- when a little handshake mishap sent John's thumb right into Jimmy's cheek pouch, in what will definitely go down in history as one of the greatest celebrity fish-hooking incidents of our time.

And if you're having trouble picturing how that works, don't worry, they reenacted the magic moment for their audience (with the roles reversed, because that's only fair.) Watch it happen below: