17 Nicolas Cage-Related Etsy Products That Will Prove You're His Biggest Fan

Happy birthday to the best person alive!

You know how much you love Nicolas Cage? Like the absolute most you can love anything, ever. Well, good news, because it's the king's birthday today (Jan. 7), so break out your party hats and get ready to celebrate with "Leaving Las Vegas" and "National Treasure" re-watches (and maybe even some "Ghost Rider," if you're really feeling it).

But because the Internet has basically turned Nicolas Cage into a walking meme, there are plenty of other ways for you to show off your love for him on his birthday. We've put together a list of all the handmade Etsy products you can get to show off to the world how much you love Nicolas Cage, today and every other day.

  1. A Nicolas Cage bow to wrap all of your Nicolas Cage-related presents.


  2. A Nicolas Cage keychain with extra Nicolas Cage charms.
  3. An iPhone case to show your Nicolas Cage love on the go.
  4. A pillow for dreaming Nicolas Cage dreams.


  5. A glittery Nicolas Cage pendant, because he always sparkles.


  6. A bracelet that speaks your Nicolas Cage truths.


  7. Nicolas Cage earrings so you can always keep him close.


  8. A Nicolas Cage for president pin, because you know he would be better than Kanye.
  9. A Nicolas Cage t-shirt for when you're boarding the express train to Nicolas Cage-land.


  10. A regal Nicolas Cage painting, for hanging in your study.


  11. A Nicolas Cage sweatshirt so he can warm you up on the coldest of days.


  12. Nicolas Cage *mugging* as Jon Snow, because you know you were thinking it.
  13. A Nicolas Cage bib.


    It's important to start Nicolas Cage love early.

  14. Nicolas Cage as Pikachu. I repeat: Nicolas Cage as Pikachu.


  15. Or a more portable version.


  16. Or just go for it: catch all the Nicolas Cages.
  17. And of course, a Nicolas Cage tote for carrying all your other Nicolas Cage protects.


BRB, going to go buy all of these right now.