Mark Zuckerberg's Sweet Message To Girls: Don't Date The Nerd, 'Be The Nerd'

Be the nerd you want to date in the world.

When Mark Zuckerberg shared his New Year's resolutions post, in which he announced that he plans to spend 2016 building an AI butler, Darlene Hackemer Loretto commented, "I keep telling my grand daughters to date the nerd in school," because "he may turn out to be a Mark Zuckerberg."


Loretto also took a moment to thank Zuckerberg for his contributions, adding, "Thanks for FB, I've reconnected with family and many old friends and classmates."

Loretto's comment certainly seemed well-intentioned, if a bit misguided in its assumption that girls can't be nerds themselves. But Zuckerberg responded perfectly.

"Even better would be to encourage them to *be* the nerd in their school so they can be the next successful inventor!" he wrote -- much to the delight of over 19,000 people who liked the comment over the course of the next 15 hours.

Loretto later took to her own Facebook wall to clarify what she meant.

"I've done everything in my life MYSELF, my children's dad died at a very young age and I did it all," she wrote. "Starting 2 businesses. I said it once to them in jest and NEVER did I think anyone would even see this, let alone get the attention it has gotten."

Don't worry, Darlene -- we know you meant well! And everyone else, remember: Be the nerd you want to date in the world.