Did Nick Cannon's Rap Career Last Longer Than His Marriage?

On this episode of "Wild 'N Out", Nick Cannon addresses both his rap career and marriage

Nick Cannon is a modern day Renaissance man. There's his comedy, of course. His acting, producing and even managing -- of stars like Amber Rose. And once upon a time, this Da Vinci for the 2000s had a very, very, very, very, very, very brief rap career. Check out this old gem from 2003 album, "Nick Cannon":

Cannon is also known for his six-year marriage to pop icon Mariah Carey (of whom he remains endearingly supportive). Here she is making an appearance on season five of "Wild 'N Out".

So it's only natural that on this week's episode of "Wild 'N Out," Cannon was forced to answer the following question: was he surprised his rap career lasted longer than his marriage? Watch Cannon's answer below, and be sure to tune in to "Wild 'N Out", this Wednesday on MTV2 at 11/10c.