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The Media's Worst Islamophobic Moments From 2015 Will Make You Want To Change The Channel Forever

Media Matters For America's supercut is a much-needed wake-up call for 2016.

No, you weren't imagining it -- 2015 was a really bad year for Islamophobia in the media.

It felt like we couldn't go a week without hearing about another blunder on a mainstream news network; another incident where a pundit or politician made some wild accusation about Muslim individuals that went unchecked; another incident that allowed the fear and skepticism of refugees to dehumanize them and distract from their plight; another incident where children (whether they were budding young scientists or just hypothetical toddler refugees) were scrutinized and demonized as potential terrorists.

Thanks to an excruciating, but important, supercut from Media Matters For America, we can remind ourselves of the worst moments of Islamophobia in mainstream media and, hopefully, avoid making the same mistakes again.

In a blog post accompanying the video, Media Matters' Eric Wuestewald writes that "painting Muslims as terrorists, radicals and tacit supporters of ISIS" (while making baseless, demonizing generalizations) was all too common in 2015, citing networks across the political spectrum that were guilty of careless, reactionary and sensationalized coverage.

It's rough to watch straight through, but it's made even worse when we remember that ignorant, fear-mongering rhetoric only serves to promote a culture of violence and hate and, probably worst of all, support ISIL's longterm goals.

We can all do better.