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7 Mistakes That Are Totally OK To Make In Your Twenties

Responsibility is hard. Give yourself a break.

Yikes. This whole being-an-adult thing seemed a lot easier when you were just watching actors on TV shows pretend to do it. From your grocery list to your bank account statement, it seems like you're f--king up at every turn!

Here's some good news: epic screw-ups are normal and even healthy in your twenties. Give yourself a break and realize that these seven snafus really are (sorry) learning experiences.

  1. Working at the wrong job

    So you accidentally spent three years in a research lab and then uncovered some surprising data that suggested you're more of a people person. In your career, as in your love life, it's hard to find out what you want without first finding out what you don't want. Now leave, before you start stress-crying into your microscope again.

  2. Maxing out a credit card

    You said it was only going to be for emergencies. Then your favorite store had an emergency sale. And you wanted to take an emergency trip to Cabo. Don't panic. Paying down your balance is going to suck (and likely entail avoiding the mall for a while), but be grateful that you learned the value of financial responsibility before you were older and eligible for an even higher credit limit.

  3. Dying your hair a dumb color

    The bad news? You're in for some embarrassing #TBTs in the years ahead. The good news? It's just hair. Really, really, fried hair.

  4. Not going to grad school

    Just because the rest of your friends signed up for round two of "constant paper hell" doesn't mean you should. At least not right away. Tuition is expensive. Waiting until you're sure you want to drop that kind of money (or until you can work while attending school) is priceless.

  5. Living in a horrible apartment

    You're building far more self confidence by paying your own rent on a place with stained carpet than you would at a nicer pad where your parents foot the bill. Yes, even if you have to wear flip-flops in your own shower.

  6. Dating someone who is a bad match for you

    You didn't waste your time. You had your fun and realized you didn't really like watching someone play video games for hours on end, too.

  7. Not dating anyone at all

    Don't trip about not being as experienced in relationships as some of your serial monogamist peers. By spending plenty of time on your own, you're becoming an interesting, independent and, thus, highly desirable person. (Just don't get ~too~ into knitting sweaters for your cats.)