Carrie Fisher Responds To Body Shamers Like The Magnificent Queen She Is

'Youth and beauty are not accomplishments.'

How does Princess-turned-General Leia Organa respond to obnoxious internet trolls who criticize her awesome, intergalactic space bod?

With all the epic grit you'd expect, obviously. (As if there were any question? PLEASE. There was no question.)

Carrie Fisher went on a phenomenal Twitter tear last night (Dec. 29), in which she blasted criticisms of her physical appearance with a series of glorious shutdowns. It's all so brilliant that we can't even pick a favorite part (although the one where she invites the trolls to blow both her and her dog is emerging as a major contender.)

Here's the General -- and general queen of the universe -- herself:

And here's how we feel every time we look at it:

All hail Carrie Fisher.