Instagram/Liam Payne

19 Liam Payne Selfies That Prove He’s The Zoolander Of Instagram

Blue Steel. Ferrari. Magnum. They're all here.

With One Direction taking a much-publicized, much-deserved hiatus in 2016, speculation abounds about what the four lads will do in their downtime. If we know Liam Payne (and we think we do, at this point), we can pretty much guarantee he'll continue posting spectacularly uniform, surgically precise selfies on Instagram that border on Derek Zoolander-level ideality.

Think about it: Zoolander had a solid repertoire of looks, from the stone-cold Blue Steel to the softer Le Tigre and the brain-melting Magnum. Liam's Instagram page has proven that he's mastered those, too, with some slight alterations to make them his own.

  1. "Glowing Steel"
  2. "Banging Steel"
  3. "Up Close And Steely"
  4. "Pompadour Steel"
  5. "Canine Steel"
  6. "Parisian Steel"
  7. "Shadow Steel"
  8. "Banging Steel: Part Deux"
  9. "Sideways Steel"
  10. "Backwards Steel"
  11. "Junior High Haircut Steel"
  12. "Sideways Steel: Part Deux"
  13. "Pencil Steel"
  14. "Slugger Steel"
  15. "Sideways Steel: The Finale"
  16. "Pharrell Steel"
  17. "Ferrari"
  18. "Le Tigre"
  19. "Magnum"