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Watch Fetty Wap And Monty's Christmas Hug And Then Go Hug Your Best Friend Immediately

You'll have no choice.

There's not much like a long, warm hug.

Being a part of one is ideal. The best consolation if that's not the case? Watching one that you can just tell was particularly love-filled and meaningful. Take Fetty Wap and his friend and frequent collaborator Monty as an example of that.

For Christmas, Fetty -- who, himself, had a lot to be thankful for this year, from a string of smash singles, to the release of his debut album, to, of course, the addition of his dreads -- paid it forward and got a little something special for Monty. Actually, a big something: A BMW i8.

And the resulting hug was even more beautiful than the material gift itself.

Go hug someone today, even if they didn't buy you a BMW i8, and you didn't buy them one, either. And if you're still in the spirit, do yourself a favor and listen to Fetty and Monty's "Merry Xmas" while you do.