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Neil Patrick Harris' Cute Twins Gave Him Some 'Haunted' Gifts For Christmas

'Cause nothing's better than a spooky Christmas.

Alright, we all know that Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka have the world's most adorable twins, Harper and Gideon, and every Halloween season they deliver the world's fiercest family costume along with their dads.

But this year, they decided to extend a little of that Halloween glory into Christmastime, gifting dad NPH with the spookiest portraits ever!

But let's be totally real here: Gideon and Harper could make anything adorable, even a spooky "Haunted Mansion"-inspired portrait. In fact, their complete adorableness has been documented for the world to see this entire Christmas holiday.

Like these Christmas Eve well wishes from the whole Burtka-Harris Clan...

or their pre- and post-gift exchange vids.

Their spooktacular Christmas spirit definitely brought smiles to not only NPH's face but to Instagram at large, and you know we'll all be patiently waiting for what the Burtka-Harrises have in store for the 2016 holiday seasons to come.