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Can You Spot All The Celebs In The New 'Sesame Street' Trailer?

The beloved kids show is coming to HBO and bringing a lot of star power along with it.

"Sesame Street" will have a new home on HBO on January 16, and a new trailer promises that its 46th season will be as star-studded as ever.

The minute-long trailer for HBO’s first “Sesame Street” season features kids’ favorites like Big Bird, Elmo and The Count. It also boasts some familiar faces from the world of celebrities.

Pharrell, Gwen Stefani and Usher all briefly appear in the trailer alongside their furry friends, while Tina Fey also makes a surprise appearance. That’s a lot of star power for 60 seconds.

Catch the new trailer below, and see if you can spot the whole lineup of big names who will join your favorite furry characters onscreen.