Quiz: Can You Match The Love Interest To The Pop Music Vid?

How well do you remember the guys and girls who stole your fave artists' hearts this year?

In 2015, Justin Bieber and his girlfriend got abducted by masked bandits. Ellie Goulding rode a horse through a casino. Selena Gomez got arrested for home invasion. Adele single-handedly made the flip phone cool again. And Lorde straight-up murdered a dude.

Of course, all of those things only happened in their music videos -- and each one was more riveting than the last. This year's crop of pop vids were wildly daring and cinematic, and many of them featured aggressively attractive guys and girls who stole our favorite artists' hearts.

How well do you remember those love interests? Take our quiz below to find out, and let us know how you do in the comments!