The 13 Most Astounding Moments (In GIFs) From 'The Shannara Chronicles'

This week's episode made us *gasp* way more than once.

An old saying declares that you can't go home again. But what if your life -- and the lives of everyone around you -- depended on it?

If you're Amberle from MTV's "The Shannara Chronicles," you high-tail it back to Arborlon -- which the elven princess finally did on this week's episode of the new fantasy series. But before she returned to her palace and began that slow, dramatic walk into the Ellcrys tree in the episode's very last scene (FYI that's the only way she can save The Four Lands), there was action aplenty. From flying demons and headbutts to elf stones and a serving of beefcake (heyyyy, Wil), here are the 13 most astounding moments from this week's show -- in glorious GIFs!

  1. When Allanon gets wind of this, heads will roll.


  2. We now have a fear of autumn.

    'Cause every time a leaf falls, well, you know...

  3. That body though.

    One word for you, Wil: thanks.

  4. What a drag!

    Seven words for you, Wil: Don't get on Eretria's bad side again.

  5. When Eretria decides to fight without using her fists.

    We're guessing she just had a manicure or something.

  6. Demons have feelings too.

    No one wants to find one of their friends decapitated in a forest. NO ONE.

  7. Band-Aids are for amateurs.

    This is how Allanon rolls after he's been mortally wounded. #DIY

  8. Guess that demon is still pissed.

    Perhaps a support group would help.

  9. Well hello there, Ol' Blue Eyes.

    Who needs colored contacts when you've got magic elf stones?

  10. All that, and they kill demons too.

    Turns out, those little turquoise rocks have way more than one use.

  11. Two gutted bodies...

    ...and a partridge in a pear tree! (We're still in the holiday mood, sue us.)

  12. That time King Eventine discovered Wil is a Shannara.

    Pick your jaw up off the floor, buddy -- you have an empire to run.

  13. We're guessing the Keebler elves don't live inside.

    Either the Ellcrys tree is going to give Amberle the seed that will help save all of The Four Lands, or it's going to make her take a dirt nap. Either way, girlfriend's not getting any cookies.

Which moment astonished you the most? And do you think Amberle will survive her mission inside the Ellcrys? Tell us your thoughts in the comments, then be sure to tune in to "The Shannara Chronicles" on Tuesday at 10/9c -- or, if you just can't wait for more, you can view the show's first four episodes on or the MTV app!