Does Justin Bieber Have A Legit Claim To His New Nickname? Lethal Bizzle Says No

Who's the better Bizzle? We break it down ... but you decide who gets to claim the name.

Justin Bieber's been getting in touch with his [article id="1721935"]inner badass[/article] for a while now, urinating in mop buckets -- [article id="1710366"]and insulting former presidents[/article] -- with impunity, [article id="1703282"]threatening paparazzo[/article] while dressed like PaRappa the Rapper and cutting a swath of destruction that stretches from [article id="1720509"]Calabasas to Canada[/article].

Fittingly, he's also chosen an appropriate alter-ego for all that bad behavior: Bizzle, which is what he's going by on Instagram these days. The only problem? Seems Bizzle's already taken ... by British rapper Lethal Bizzle, who took to his Facebook page to express his disgust over the co-opting of his stage name.

Then again, it bears mention that perhaps Bieber wasn't aware of Bizzle's existence before he took the name ... to be honest, until I started writing this, I'd never heard of him either. But in the U.K., Bizzle's a pretty big deal, scoring a series of hits that stretches back more than a decade, making headlines for a feud with whatever this is and coining the term "Dench," which apparently has nothing to do with Dame Judy.

In short, he's probably got a better claim to the nickname than JB does. But rather than rush judgment, I've decided to compare the actual Bizzle to the Canadian equivalent, then let you decide who deserves the title. This is "Better Know A Bizzle."

Actual Bizzle: Born Maxwell Ansah, he rose to prominence in 2002 as part of the the More Fire Crew, early pioneers of the UK's grime scene, before going solo with "Pow (Forward)," which remains his highest-charting song to date. He'd subsequently release the sequel, "Pow 2011" in, uh, 2011.

Canadian Bizzle: Born Justin Drew Bieber, he was discovered in 2008 by manager Scooter Braun, who was trawling YouTube for talent. Released his debut album, My World in 2010. He'd subsequently become the most famous teenager on planet earth.

Actual Bizzle: Once called British Prime Minister David Cameron "a donut" after the politician said that rap music encourages violence.

Canadian Bizzle: Once ate a donut from a trash can.

Actual Bizzle: His cousin is professional footballer Emmanuel Frimpong, who shows up on a remix of Bizzle's track "Leave It Yeah."

Canadian Bizzle: His (super-distant) cousin is [article id="1695340"]Ryan Gosling,[/article] who shows up at the kind of events Justin isn't invited to anymore.

Actual Bizzle: Had beef with fellow Brits N-Dubz, whom he accused of ripping off one of his demos for their hit "I Need You." Things were so acrimonious that both sides nearly came to blows at a charity soccer match, and though cooler heads eventually prevailed, several red cards were issued.

Canadian Bizzle: Had beef with [article id="1701839"]Black Keys'[/article] drummer Patrick Carney, whom he declared should be "slapped around" for his insolence. Things were so acrimonious that Carney spent days professionally trolling True Beliebers, and though cooler heads eventually prevailed, several Bieber fans almost broke their Caps Lock keys.

Actual Bizzle: Can't drive.

Canadian Bizzle: [article id="1720929"]Can't drive[/article] either.