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J.K. Rowling Gifts Us With Another Piece Of Obscure 'Potter' Trivia To Impress Your Friends With

First name, Moaning. Last name, Myrtle.

As if you couldn't already school your pals at "Harry Potter" trivia, author J.K. Rowling just dropped a sweet tweet with some new obscure deets.

Moaning Myrtle may be a weepy, voyeuristic ghost who literally lives inside a toilet, but that's not all she is. No, she's the proud owner of both a middle and a last name, Rowling revealed today. Like, yeah, we assumed she had a family, having been born and all, but now we know who they are. And she seems to have something in common with a certain high-profile New Englander to boot.

Asked by a fan on Twitter what old Myrtle's full name was, Rowling happily obliged.

Meet Myrtle Elizabeth Warren, the girl whose tear ducts never died, even though she did.

Wait, Elizabeth Warren? Bwuh? Rowling was quick to clarify.

And, yeah, she knows. She knows she made an oopsie, OK. But she's living with it.

Elizabeth is just a nice name, got it? Good.

And then, before she could go making Snape's middle name Barney Frank or anything, Rowling hit the silencio button for now.