Disclosure, James Holden, Kyle Hall and More Pick Their Songs of the Summer

Flooding in Germany and Arizona, brain-melting heatwaves in New York City and hard freezes in India, such extreme weather means another crazy-hot summer on dancefloors around the world. We figured it was time to once again ask a few of our favorite DJs and producers what songs have heated, melted, combusted, flambéd or burnt up dancefloors for them.

Disclosure (UK)

Karma Kid & Friend Within feat. Yasmin: “Feeling (So Special)”

At the moment there’s a song by a guy called Friend Within and Karma Kid called “So Special,” featuring a girl called Yasmin, which is really good cause it’s got singing in it, which is still rare. Friend Within is one of our favorite producers anyway at the moment. There’s another one, it’s a cover of a song called “It’s You” by ESP, legendary house tune. FCL, San Soda and those guys covered that. They’ve done like an a capella and they re-voiced it. It’s just smash hit at the moment. It’s such a nice moment to play in your set cause it’s got no drums at all it’s just got a clap, and a massive vocal. It’s really amazing.

Anthony Parasole (NYC, The Corner)

Joey Anderson: “Auset”

This has been a staple in my sets ever since I first heard this track. I know I'm partial to Joey, but this track is pure magic and casts a spell over everybody in the mix. It’s so unique in its colors and textures that when played it garners instant reaction. This is one of those tracks I wished I made, only I can’t play keys like Joey can. It's an outstanding record and I will be playing this all summer long fall long winter long.

Venus X (NYC, GHE20 G0TH1K)

TNGHT / Waka Flocka Flame: “GOOOO STREET PARTY (DJ Spider Blend)”

"I loved this track by Waka when it first dropped in 2011. Obviously it left rotation in the clubs because people always want what’s new even if this is undeniably a hood club anthem. Thanks to DJ Spider the song has re-entered into my summer 2013 must play set list. It’s extremely necessary."

Tiago Miranda (Portugal, Interzona 13)

The Sun God: “Being Hieroglyphic”

This new one from the prolific Chicago producer Hieroglyphic Being is making it for me this summer. So far... so good…

Willie Burns (NYC, WT Records)

Sabre: “Night Drive to Bolland”

Sabre’s "Night Drive to Bolland" is long and weird and cosmic but just commercial enough to play in a big room. A song for the freaks and everyone else. It even has some sort of "drop" that all the kids are raving about these days, albeit a weird one. It could work outside at the beach or inside with bottle service or mixed in with some lo-fi house at an underground club. I’ll probably play it at Le Bain.

Suzanne Kraft (LA, Dublab, Running Back)

Steaua de Mare: “Babadag”

Can't get enough of this one. Maybe it’s Romanian? It's heavy -- to me at least -- and I guess sounds like an 80˚ night. But the whole album's great.

James Holden (UK, Border Community)

William Onyeabor “Good Name”

It’s not new but I just learned about this old African synth track by William Onyeabor. It’s so perfect, this synth disco record with a brilliant lyric about not ruining his good name. It’s like the African twin of this Matthew Jonson track, “Ultraviolet Dream.” It's a semitone off but Traktor has a keyshift and otherwise it's like they were made to go together.

Preslav Lefterov (Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Track Authority)

Kyle Hall: “The Architect”

People who slept on Kai Alce's afterparty at this year's Movement Festival are still crying about not being able to get this record, only available there. Kyle Hall's track "The Architect" is perhaps the most unique and memorable track on what is an already stellar 12" from Kai Alce's NDATL label. "The Architect" blends perfectly a boogie bassline with deep chords and characteristically loose and funky Detroit drum pattern. Probably my favorite Kyle track and one you'll be sure to hear the entire PTA beat to death in our DJ sets.

Kyle Hall (Detroit, Wild Oats)

Funkinevil: “Ignorant”

This track is from Me and Funkineven's collaborative project called Funkinevil. We have been playing this track since the day we made it and it has never failed! It’s a party starter for sure. I'm glad it’s finally out right in time for the summer! I just love the rawness and aggressive feeling of it.

Alex from Tokyo (NYC/ Tokyo, Tokyo Black Star)

Hubbabubbaklubb” “Mopedbart”

My track of the summer! A feel-good sing-along that’s gorgeous, happy and uplifting. It’s an electronic mid-tempo boogie song with a great pop feel by this new Norwegian band available only on 7". I have been playing this out all the time. Loving this!

Ron Morelli (NYC, L.I.E.S.)

Huerco S.: "Apheleia's Theme"

It might not be such a summer jam, but this track from Kansas City-based producer Huerco S. is my favorite. It's more of a "dark corner of the club nod ya head to this” jam, but I've been jamming it and will be jamming all summer long as I'm on the road all through August. This and every track by Greg Beato who just did a sick 12-inch for Apron.

Secret Circuit (LA, Beats in Space)

Jan Schulte: “It's Really You”

This is from a new 12” by Non Collective. First track is perfect chill vibes with nostalgia and just spacy enough. A nice edit where the vocals are re- appropriated as in creating an essence that is incomplete and feels like a fractal. The rest of the EP is great too.

Veronica Vascika (NYC, Minimal Wave)

Streetwalker: “Future Fusion”

“Future Fusion” has an intense energy inherent in the duo's roots, drawn from both Chicago house and the industrial sound of that late 80s period. The track has a completely modern sensibility though. It creeps in with a slow, anticipatory build and suddenly spills out into a contagious mutant frenzy. Perfect for the summer dance floor.

Justin Strauss (NYC, Whatever/ Whatever)

Todd Terje: "Strandbar (Disko Version)”

Terje is unstoppable. Hands-down my summer anthem. When I dropped it in my set on the Boiler Room the place lost it. The piano and the chord changes just have summer written all over them. A great record.

Mark Barrott (UK, International Feel)

Colin Tully: “Theme from Gregory's Girl”

Although I'm not at all a lover of sax playing (except of course the oh so Balearic Kenny G) this always hits the spot. Nothing ever has captured the exact feeling of what it was like to be in school in the UK in the early 80's as a teenager in the summer term than this track. Every time I hear this track (or play it out), I get instantly transported back to that time in my life when all things seemed possible. There was magic in the air of those balmy early summer nights with the whole uncharted mystery of the summer holidays stretching out before you.