2 Bears "Warm & Easy" Video Meshes Skateboarding and Chicago House

The director: Italian director Federico Vitetta's film work almost always solicits the company of professional skateboarders like Mike Mo Capaldi and Marc Johnson included.  He's made a living shooting the tricks and stunts of his friends and their crews, using their playgrounds of bright city parks and the shade of massive urban warehouses as backdrops. As an up-and-coming videographer in underground streetwear and skate circles, he has also filmed and edited videos for Capaldi and Johnson's Lakai shoes imprint, setting their skating escapades to dance jams like Justice's "We Are Your Friends."

The video: While recruiting a skate director to make a video for a Chicago-house-influenced dance duo initially seems strange, the pairing couldn't have been more perfect. On a very basic level the two -- skating and dancing -- represent similar themes of creative expression and movement, the kind unique to each person. And the kind that maintains that looking like a fool is no big deal as long as you're having fun. It helps that "Warm & Easy" also happens to be one of 2 Bears' most laidback, summer-friendly, sun-basked grooves.

The song: "Warm & Easy" is the first single from 2 Bears' Be Strong album debut. The duo is made up of the grizzly-voiced Joe Goddard, of Hot Chip, and London radio host Raf Rundell. Initially born out of a shared love of the community and inclusiveness associated with house music, the album reflects those sentiments in very different ways: "Bear Hug" is a pulsing house banger, "Church" relies on ambience and Caribbean drums to speak on the "unity of nature."   "Warm & Easy," however, is the kind of song that immediately envelops you in feel-good, foot-tapping hypnosis. It drifts along to a gentle syncopated snares and slowly plodding synths while the pair seduce you with their list of warm-weathered mantras. Top three: "Warm and easy, stop and feel the breeze." "Love is lovely, war is ugly." "Love is what you want, love is all you need."

In the video a film crew follows the Trunk Boyz, a crew made up of the Girl & Chocolate skateboarding teams, (not to be confused with the rap group Trunk Boiz) on a skating trip to Panama, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. The young skaters were shooting "Pretty Sweet," an aptly named documentary that followed their travels, and the video for "Warm & Easy" takes us along for the ride. Within, the kids crash beaches, pools, and show off during global skate competitions. But the personality of these kids really shines through during their downtime goof-offs; chilling at the beach, making faces at each other underwater in the pool, teaching Costa Rican children how to skate, dramatically singing along to the song on planes, cars, and to strangers, and generally just being kids. And that's what summer is all about, right?

Be Strong is out now via DFA Records/Southern Fried.