Mike Q Strikes a Pose for FACT

[caption id="attachment_28684" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Photo courtesy of Mike Q/Facebook"]Mike Q[/caption]

Madonna's '90s hit "Vogue," the chart-topping dance single that commanded listeners to "Strike a pose," is likely the most well-known mainstream break-through into the gay subculture. The over-stylized genre of dance comes from spectacularly elaborate underground walk-off ballroom competitions where members of the drag/queer community strut their way down a runway and twerk themselves into fashion poses as if they were being photographed for the cover of Vogue magazine. (Note: The scene-scoping documentary and cult-classic Paris Is Burning is mandatory viewing material for those who want further insight.)

With his latest mix for FACT Mag, Mike Q, the self-described "Prince of Modern Ballroom" gives us a peek into the bass-knocking version of vogue culture that still thrives today. Though there's some classic house-based music, the hour-long mix mostly focuses on tracks from a new class of producers rooted in Baltimore Club, U.K. Bass, and Funky. Of the younger dancefloor conductors featured in the mix, track highlights include a remix of Schwarz's aggro hometown anthem "Lose Your Fvkin Mind," Zebra Katz's runway-ready chant "I'mma Read," and Jersey-club hype-machine DJ Sliink's flip of "Pon De Floor." Mike Q, however, remains the star of the show as his "Let It All Out" and an edit of the Masters at Work classic, "The Ha Dance," have drum kicks that are so addictive that you're guaranteed to vogue alone in your chair. [Download here via FACT.]