The Magician's Magical Magic Tape 20

[caption id="attachment_28158" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="The Magician"]The Magician[/caption]

When disco-duo Aeroplane announced their amicable break-up a little over a year ago, fans of their Ibizan, sun-kissed disco were thrilled to learn that the split would essentially result in both halves spearheading their own projects: Vito de Luca would continue on as Aeroplane and departing member Stephen Fassano would go on to make music under his moniker the Magician. A short while later he launched his Magic Tapes mix series, in which the DJ spotlights whatever feel-good disco, pop and house he's feeling at the moment. This usually means you'll get a sneak peek into previously unreleased tracks by him and his friends as well, and, in kind, he refuses to share the tracklists (though he does encourage that you try to work your own magic and figure them out). His most recent installment is "Magic Tapes 20." The set starts with an echoing loop from Tony Braxton's "Makin' Me High" backed by sparkling synths and is eventually revealed to be "Seychelles," the newest release by French Express newbie Perseus. Other hot-off-the-press inclusions include a knocking, energy-packed Tensnake remix of Lauer's "Trainman," Gigamesh's grooving, boogified remix of "Guide Me," and a handful we can't seem to find on the internet at all. Like most of the Magic Tapes series, this hour-long set is made for daydreaming your way onto a foreign, beach-side dancefloor.