Gnucci Banana & Spoek Mathambo's Rapid-Fire Mondenano

Gnucci Banana and Spoek Mathambo

Independently, Gnucci Banana and Spoek Mathambo are musicians with a love of sassy raps and underground dance music. Mathambo hails from South Africa, and his work with M.I.A. and Kenna initially brought attention to his self-described and politically-driven "Afro-futurism." He's got a knack for reconfiguring traditional African sounds with addictive, hard-hitting beats and distorted electronic knob-twiddling. Gnucci Banana comes from a different part of the world -- the Swedish MC and DJ has done everything from remix Miike Snow into jungle rave, rap over dubstep and collaborate with Schlachthofbronx on the sunny-day anthem, "Famalam Jam." Together, not only do they party as a married couple, they produce under the moniker Mondenano. Their newest mix is just that. Here we have the perfect soundtrack to your night out: It's an upbeat, energy-boost of a mix with a heavy dose of quality female rappers and bass-driven remixes. Highlights include Kid Sister's sultry "Hide and Seek," dancehall maven Natalie Storm's "Hotta," Lady Leshurr's rapid-fire rendition of "Look At Me Now," and, of course, Azealia Banks's "212." Good luck trying not to hit repeat (over and over and over again).