Clamjams, a Tribute to Clams Casino

Mix of the Week

Brian Eno describes young producer Clams Casino (Mike Volpe) as both "funny" and "clever" in the vocal clip (from BBC's Radcliffe and Maconie show) that opens up this #CLAMJAMS tribute. What makes Volpe tribute-worthy already, besides ushering in Lil B through "I'm God" way back in early 2010? Like Dipset's trance-inflected beat-maker araabMUZIK, Clams Casino brought a fresh perspective to hip-hop with swirling, swoon-worthy instrumentals, echoing percussion loops, marching hi-hat party-rockers, and collaborations with a new wave of rap underground. Here music journalist and rap enthusiast Brandon Soderberg (i.e. no-trivia) and No Gang Colors' Joseph Ohegyi have compiled their Clams favorites of the year into a mix that features the hazy cinematic instrumentals we love best ("Treetop," "Numb," "Wizard") alongside R&B grooves (Weeknd's "The Fall"), glitchy mosh-pit starters (Shady Blaze "Hater's Opinion"), and, of course, a little Lil B, too.

[Download #CLAMJAMS here and read Hive's interview with Clams Casino here.]

Track list:

1. Eno on Casino

2. Clams Casino, “Treetop”

3. The Weeknd, “The Fall”

4. XV, “Swervin” Remix

5. A$AP Rocky, “Bass”

6. Soulja Boy, “I Love My Fans”

7. Lil B, “Unchain Me”

8. Shady Blaze, “Haters Opinion”

9. The Jealous Guys, “Brainwashed By London”

10. Mac Miller, “My Team”

11. Squadda B, “Fakest Year Ever”

12. Big K.R.I.T., “Moon & Stars” Remix

13. Lil B, “Motivation”

14. Main Attrakionz ft. A$AP Rocky, “Take 1″

15. Clams Casino, “Numb”

16. Clams Casino, “Wizard”

17. Soulja Boy, “All I Need”

18. Washed Out, “Amor Fati” Remix