Gilles Peterson's Egg-Nog Happy Hour

BBC's Radio 1 announced a pretty major lineup change last week. Essentially, they'll be replacing some of the radio station's longest-running weekly DJs with newer, younger talent, and it was a huge bummer to see that online radio stalwart Gilles Peterson would be one of the ones to go. His most recent mix, All Night Long: A Christmas Mix, showcases the kind of deep crate-digging that we've come to expect from him over the years. This isn't your typical jingle-bell sing-a-long. Instead, Peterson keeps it smooth and sexy with rare throwback cuts from Renzo Fraiese's disco-boogie jam "12 Engle Street" and Nina Simone's sultry soul-warming "Vous Etes Seuls, Je Desire Etre Avec Vous" among others. The mix builds from a lighthearted lounging session into a deep, lovelorn groove, the kind that's meant for flickering fireplaces and fuzzy nostalgia. Know that this is definitely not your traditional Christmas mix, but rather the kind you'll want to put on as a soundtrack to your personal egg-nog happy hour. [Stream/download here.]

1. Eddie Jefferson, "So What"

2. Tom Browne, "Throw Down"

3. Renzo Fraese, "12 Engle Street"

4. Rahni Harris, "Six Million Steps"

5. Paulette Reeves, "Jazz Freak"

6. Chaka Khan, "Night In Tunisia"

7. Don Blackman, "Hearts Desire"

8. Nina Simone, "Vous Etes Seuls, Je Desire Etre Avec Vous"

9. Charles Mingus, "Flowers For A Lady"

10. Betty Lou, "I Can’t Stop"

11. Back East, "Deeper And Deeper"

12. Carmela Coren, "Walk On By"

13. Ellen Mcllwaine, "Wings Of A Horse"

14. Georgette, "Kirie"

15. Celia, "Na Boca Do Sol"