Parenthetical Girls Play First NYC Show Since 2008 -- Photos

Last night Glasslands Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn played host to the sort of delightfully unlikely lineup that could only have been imagined by a promoter at wits' end. Dinowalrus began the night with a set of no wave-tinged psych that made generous use of stargazing synths and spiraling guitar lines. Portland, Ore.'s Parenthetical Girls were next, playing their first NYC show since 2008. Leaning heavily on material from their five-part EP series Privilege (they just released the fourth installment), the band ably reminded the crowd that they're still the melodramatic art-pop band to beat.

Treating the entire gallery as his stage, lead Girl Zac Pennington wandered through the venue with his mic, singing bits of songs from the bathroom, balcony and even the photo booth (in the case of the latter, he conveniently ignored the "out of order" sign). Pennington's magnetic stage presence can be a tough act to follow (think Morrissey at his most approachable) but the night's headliners, Gauntlet Hair, benefited from their relative aesthetic remove. Drawing an entirely different crowd up to the front of the room, the band quickly got the front row to dance with their reverb-soaked, rhythm-heavy jams. Before long, the previously staid gallery more closely resembled a sweaty basement show, encouraging drummer Craig Nice to remark, "I like what I'm seeing out there.” Check out the photo set below.