Chief Boima's Caffienated Hipco

Boima Tucker, a.k.a. Chief Boima, has brought the sounds of Africa to the Dutty Artz global music collective ever since he grabbed their attention with his Boab Connection mixtape a few years back. Dutty Artz, the label founded by DJ /rupture and Matt Shadetek, is one of the most well-known purveyors of world music through their international crate-digging (DJ /rupture even wrote about his international record hunting for Hive). As a result, this crew plays jams that range from dubstep and jungle to dancehall and cumbia at events all over the world.

But back to Boima: After a recent trip through West Africa, the DJ collaborated with Liberia's Akwaaba for Lone Stars: Hipco and Gbema, the first international release of Liberian contemporary music. This 30-minute mix serves as a preview of the 15-track compilation, due out in the next few weeks. As the title suggests, you'll hear plenty of hipco -- a local music that resembles American hip-hop -- and gbema, traditional drums and melodies that are teased and looped using computer software. The result is a supercharged, up-tempo Liberian dance party that features local twists on pop, hip-hop and dub. You'll also discover soul-co, a genre of R&B created by Liberian artist David Mell and the bubu-meets-juke [yes, we mean Chicago juke] stylings of J.P. & De Royal Force along the way. This mix is so high-energy that we'll suggest you skip your daily dose of caffeine and put this on instead.

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Lone Stars Mix by chiefboima


1. Takun J, "Tu-ka-ka-ya-tu feat. Byronic and Nasseman"

2. F.A., "Bump It Remix featuring Takun J, K-Zee, and Cypha D’King"

3. Genesis Crew, "Champagne"

4. Deboy’s Crew, "Polo Mabo"

5. Junior Freeman & African Soldier, "Damyarea"

6. Big J, "Kalaman"

7. Master Black, "Dakamaly"

8. 2 Kings, "Fine Girl"

9. K-Zee, "Kountry Chicken feat. Pepsi and Skinny"

10. Noy-Z, "4 Noy Z Bizness"

11. L 2 Sweet, "O Gye"

12. David Mell, "Hero"

13. Marie Nyenebo, "Joya"

14. Shadow, "Killing Me"

15. Shadow-Killing Me (Chief Boima Remix)

16. J.P. & De Royal Force-Make You Dance