Memory Tapes' Slaughtered Mix

Memory Tapes' Davye Hawk is one of the few that emerged gracefully from 2009's obsession with chillwave. While many of his peers in electronic soundscaping were focused on fuzzy ambience, Memory Tapes debut LP Seek Magic picks up the tempo, making the point that not all hazy nostalgia has to be, well, dull. Hawk makes the often numbingly repetitive genre light and fun and in his production, heavy reverb is matched with dance loops and pop inflections.

In an attempt to make a new record "in the form of a mixtape," Hawk put together this twenty-three minute Slaughterhouse mix of his newest tracks for Modular's Modcast series. The set opens with an island vibe that features pan flute, steel drums and a slew of other tropical mallet-equipped beat machines but things start cooking about halfway through -- the mix turns to Italo-disco drum patterns, plodding synths, and funky computer-programmed melodies that immediately evoke images of Miami Vice. The whole thing ends with an incredibly catchy and cinematic dance number that's enthusiastic chorus of "Yeah!" conveniently summarizes our feelings on Memory Tapes' newest endeavor.

[Download the Slaughtered mixtape.]