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5 Seconds of Summer, Alessia Cara And More Reveal Their Worst Christmas Gifts

And you thought socks from auntie were bad!

By Maria Sherman

The holidays are in full force and X-Mas is right around the corner. It's supposed to be the happiest time of the year, right?

Not for everyone...

We've all been guilty of giving and receiving lackluster gifts at one point or another. Just how many more ugly sweaters can one human take, Grandma? For that, here's a macaroni necklace I'm waaaay too old to be making. Like, it just ain't cute anymore.

Celebs are no different from us, so we stopped a handful of 'em at the 2015 American Music Awards last month to find out what their Christmas plans are and, you know, what's the worst stuff they've ever given and gotten. Revel in their misery, friends!

  1. 5 Seconds Of Summer

    Luke: "I've definitely just forgotten to get gifts for some people."

    Calum: "Worst Christmas is probably nothing. I have to say, guys, I will probably not get you anything."

    Michael: "You know what I give the band? I give the band the gift of happiness, and it's because they get to see my face every day. They get to hang out with the most beautiful man in the world."

    Ashton: "The gift of giving me some space."

    Michael: "The gift of leaving Ashton the f--k alone."

  2. Kalin and Myles
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    Kalin: "We've been away for quite a minute and we just moved to L.A. pretty recently and we haven't gotten to see the fam for a minute so we're going home for Christmas. We're going to spend time together, maybe go to the movies.

    "One time [for Christmas] my mom gave me one of my little sister's dirty diapers in a box. That's what I thought it was but when I opened it she surprised me with a car key for my 16th."

  3. Becky G
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    "I have a new little sister. I was out of the house when she was born, so [this holiday] I'll get to spend some time with her. My mom and I look at Christmas lights every year. I'm getting in on Christmas Eve so we may have time to do that, we might not!

    "I don't know if I've ever gotten a terrible Christmas gift. One year I did get socks when I was, like, seven. Now when I get socks I love them. I appreciate them. I need them! But at 7 years old, I wanted Barbies. It was a Grandpa gift, though, so it was OK."

  4. Daya
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    "The worst gift I've ever received... My grandma gave me a T-shirt from the Cayman Islands. It was a very tourist-y look. It was really ugly, neon colors...and I didn't even go there. When am I going to wear this? It was too small, too. For Secret Santa in school I probably gave someone, like, gum. Pretty lame."

  5. Alessia Cara
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    "For Christmas, my family always opens our gifts on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day. We all go to my Grandma's house. The worst Christmas gift I've ever received is actually one that I asked for, which is super weird. I asked for a train whistle from Santa Claus and it didn't even work. It was made out of wood. I don't even know what I asked for it."

  6. Serayah McNeill
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    "My worst Christmas gift was probably a cookbook. I thought it was a prank. I was like, 'Seriously?' It's not, 'Jeez, now I have to think? I can't just enjoy this?'"

We feel ya! Make sure to get your loved ones good stuff this year, OK? What goes around comes around...though we think Serayah could make a killing re-gifting those recipes to BFF Taylor Swift!