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9 Boys You Consider Kissing On New Year's Eve

The countdown's on.

New Year's Eve is a time to celebrate, spend time with friends and, if you're single, agonize all night about who you're going to smooch when the clock strikes twelve. Even if you've vowed that "this will be the year you stop being so boy crazy," all bets are off the second you step into that party looking on fleek AF. Here are nine dudes who -- for better or worse -- you contemplate laying a fat one on at midnight:

  1. The one wearing the dumb novelty hat

    You know he doesn't care what people think about him. That's hot. Kind of.

  2. The ex-boyfriend

    File this one under "if you must."

  3. The also-lonely guy friend

    This could be the beginning of a beautiful friends-with-benefitship. (Or a horrible decision. But you don't have time to think about that now.)

  4. The D.J.

    Girl. We've all been there.

  5. The "wearing a tux for no apparent reason" guy

    Who does he think he is? James Bond? Maybe you should shake his world and find out.

  6. The bad dancer

    At least he's not on his phone.

  7. The waiter

    Just don't wink at him while he has his hands full.

  8. The dude who is standing closest to you at 11:59

    TBH, you've always worked best under pressure.

  9. The dog

    Welp. You'll never regret this one.