These Friends Doing Each Other's Makeup Will Have You Jonesing For A Girls' Night

Making up is hard to do.

When it comes to your face, ~you~ know what works. Would you trust your best girls to do the same? Even if it meant pushing you out of your comfort zone? In this adorable video from BuzzFeed Yellow, a group of girlfriends take the ultimate leap of faith when they let each other do their makeup for a night out.

First, each lady explains what her usual makeup rules are. One hilariously explains, "I don't embark on contouring. It's just lies." They then delve into highly personal territory when they show each other their makeup bag. (For one friend, this is simply a plastic Target bag. Girl. We, the slobs of the world, feel you.)

When it is time to actually do the makeovers, things get... uh... messy. Foundation is squirted. Primer is slathered. In a very relatable moment, one of the amateur makeover artists laments, "I'm having a little trouble getting it out of the tube. I know there's some in there."

In the end, all of the girls are pleasantly surprised by the looks their friends have put together for them. "Oh my god, my eyes really pop," says one. Another hilariously compliments her friend's new look by telling her she looks like the "best-looking woman from an '80s workout video."

Check out the whole video here.

H/T: Cosmopolitan