Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Let Ellie Goulding Soundtrack Your Next Oceanic Deep Dive

'Delirium' and the Great Barrier Reef are a perfect match.

Ellie Goulding's latest album, Delirium, is a good one to pop on if you need to just get it done. Like, get anything done. That last nagging task at work, the final essay of the semester, the last quarter-mile of your run -- these are all appropriate occasions to dive into Delirium.

But what about if you want to literally dive into the Coral Sea, just off the Australian coast, to explore the Great Barrier Reef? Yeah, that'll work, too.

BBC One has a special on the reef system due out at the end of December, hosted by famed nature dude David Attenborough. For the teaser, of course they turned to Ellie and her aquatic, blooming intro track on Delirium for some grand inspiration.

Ellie herself called it one of her "proudest moments" and tweeted the link out, because duh.

The special features Attenborough -- the brother of late "Jurassic Park" actor Richard Attenborough, aka the character you can thank for your childhood love of dinosaurs -- diving apparently deeper than anyone ever has into the reef system. Goulding won't be there, as far as we know. Also no word if Attenborough will dramatically recite any of her lyrics the way he did with Adele's "Hello" in November.

If he did, though, I'd recommend "Army." It's tailor-made for bringing the drama: "We both know what they say about us/ But they don't stand a chance because/ When I'm with you/ I'm standing with an army." See?

Listen to the original "Delirium" intro below.