Lauren Conrad

So Lauren Conrad Definitely Has Red Hair Now

'Cause redheads have more fun.

Lauren Conrad has traded her signature golden tresses for luscious red locks and she looks amazing! The 29-year-old fashion designer, author and, of course, former MTV star of the show "The Hills" has spiced things up and is now rocking a new gorgeous 'do.

She debuted the new luxurious hair color on Instagram alongside hairstylist Kristen Ess, who's also rocking a similar shade. Despite Conrad's caption stating her "obsession" with the stylist (hence the change in hair color), she has definitely strayed from her typical blonde look before and, man, the girl knows how to rock all her hair looks.

Even accidental ones, like when she mistakenly dyed her hair pink.

Or when she went full-on platinum blonde.

And let's not forget the "big chop" back in 2014.

All we're saying is whether it's long hair, short hair, blonde hair or pink, when Lauren Conrad changes up her look, Lauren Conrad ~nails it!~