DNCE, Tyler Oakley And More Play 'Never Have I Ever'... Holiday Edition

Find out who has actually found coal inside their stocking.

Everyone has a memorable holiday story: Some you are quick to divulge, while others you'd rather pretend never happened.

At New York's annual Z100 Jingle Ball, we hunted down some of our favorite celebs for a friendly, holiday-themed game of "Never Have I ever," and they divulged some of their best holiday secrets. Usually, the game is played with alcohol, but we changed up the rules a bit.

We asked all the celebs, including DNCE, Tyler Oakley and Chloë Grace Moretz, to hold up three fingers -- if they were guilty of any offense we asked, they had to put one finger down.

So what top-secret celebrity holiday info did we uncover? Well, we learned that someone has lied to get out of spending time with family, someone has gotten coal in their stocking, and more than one someone has been guilty of re-gifting presents. Watch the video to find out who!