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This Talking Barbie Has Some Harsh Responses To Feminism

Women asked Hello Barbie the hard-hitting questions.

Barbie has been a great many things since she made her debut in 1959 -- a flight attendant, a doctor and even an astronaut. And now with the new artificially intelligent Hello Barbie, she can interact with anyone, including the good people at BuzzFeed Yellow.

The BuzzFeed crew decided to ask this very ~wise~ doll about feminism, and the results were as hilarious and head-shaking as you would expect.

How does Barbie feel about the wage gap? "I LOVE it! Once in a while I catch myself dancing, sometimes for no reason at all," she said.

She did have some bright spots, though, calling one of the women smart. She also tried to end on a positive note by saying, "Any time I can help you out, just let me know, because that's what's friends do ... Oh, I have something I wanted to ask you about fashion?"

Better luck next time, Barbs. Watch the full video below.