Twin Strangers

Watch These Real-Life Doppelgängers Meet For The First Time

Double whoa.

These women may look like identical twins, but until recently, they were total strangers.

Sara from Sweden (left) and Shannon from Ireland (right) were both curious about whether or not they had a doppelgänger somewhere in the world. The two women separately registered for a service called Twin Strangers, which allows users to upload photos of themselves and search for others with similar facial features.

Sara had only been scrolling through the site's faces for a couple of days when she discovered Shannon, who shared virtually all of her physical traits. The two arranged a meeting in Dublin, where Shannon lives.

The below video documents the eerie moment when the two lookalikes met. In it, Sara recounts, "I gave her a hug, and we just stood there like, oh my god, this is so weird."

After initial introductions and -- we're assuming -- some talk about what it's like to have the exact same face, the women went out for a night on the town. Unsurprisingly, many of the folks they encountered assumed that they were sisters.

As the duo spent more time with each other, their bizarre connection became even more clear.

"The more I saw her, the more I saw myself," said Shannon. Check out more about the ladies' doppelgänger rendezvous here:

H/T Mashable