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I Bought All Three Kylie Jenner Lip Kits And Had No Idea

They just showed up!

A few weeks ago, I, along with the rest of the world, tried to order Kylie Jenner's lip kits. They sold out before my order went through, and I was never notified of my order being placed be it through the website or an email. Naturally, I assumed I was out of luck. That is, until all three of the lip kits showed up at my apartment. This is my story.

On Nov. 30, when time stopped and the Kylie Lip Kit was about to go on sale, I perched myself in front of my computer, phone, and iPad to lock down all three shades of the highly anticipated lip liner + liquid lipstick sets. When 12 p.m. EST hit, I quickly put Candy K, Dolce K, and True Brown K into my cart and instructed my boyfriend -- who was sitting with me -- to read aloud my credit card number as to not waste any time by having to look down and up multiple times. My time is valuable and precious, you see.

I clicked the final button to submit my order only to be booted off the checkout page because I'd exhausted all the time I was allotted, which is not only stressful but rude as hell. Doing what I've always been instructed not to do, I refreshed the page roughly 15 times and kept trying to submit my order, despite all three shades being listed as "sold out." Words were meaningless compared to the power Kylie Jenner wielded over me.

Eventually, like a coward, I gave up. Because according to the website, everything was gone. Also, I am an adult and was starting to feel some type of way about trying to give an already rich 18-year-old $90 for some face paint. I never saw a page saying my order had been confirmed and was never sent an email with tracking or shipment information, so I assumed it was over. Goodbye, Kylie lip dreams. I was so close.

Three weeks later, the second round of Kylie Lip Kit™ stock had come and gone once more, and this time, I didn't try to order them. Instead, I had my boyfriend do it because someone else needed to feel the pain that I had. Unsurprisingly, he couldn't get them either. But then, unprompted, he bid $200 on eBay for Candy K alone, only to be outbid moments later. That one box of Candy K ended up selling for $800 (lol).

Fast forward to yesterday (Dec. 15). A small, generally unmarked, white box addressed to me was on my kitchen counter. I couldn't remember ordering anything in the recent past, but I'm also a monster and compulsively shop online, so I figured this was probably my own doing. I opened the package to see three different boxes reading "Candy K," "Dolce K," and "True Brown K." Yeah. What the hell.

I called my boyfriend assuming this was a sweet, surprising gesture and asked if he had gotten them for me. "No, I'm not spending $800 on some scam" was his chill and reasonable response. Hmm, sus. I figured I should check my bank account, since I hadn't after initially trying to place my order. I also don't check it that frequently in general, which doesn't bode well for me becoming a financially responsible adult, but here we are.

After scrolling through weeks of way too many McDonald's purchases, I finally saw that $94.95 went to "KING KYLIE LLC."

There was nothing else in the box aside from the kits, which each included one liner and one liquid lipstick. The back of the box included "Kylie's tip," which was more just passing along the basic logic of lining your lips with the liner then swiping on the lipstick after. I tried on Dolce K, and the first thing I noticed was the smell and taste, which I can only describe as "medicinal vanilla." It ended up appearing a lot darker than I anticipated and compared to what it looked like on everyone else who wore it. I'll admit this could all be due to a fault of my own though, since "Kylie's tip" did suggest that you only apply one coat, while I applied around three, because I couldn't help myself.

While I'm grateful to our Highness Kylie Kristen Jenner for surprising me with all three kits, may this be a reminder to her -- and us! -- that she still has a lot of kinks to work out. Like, IDK, letting people who bought her lip kits know that they bought her lip kits. There's also the problem with shipping that's been the source of many complaints. I personally didn't mind, since I had no idea that they were coming, but counting backwards to the day I apparently placed my order, it did take about three weeks to get to me. Kylie's admitted that it's a problem and she's working on fixing it for the second round of shipments. With all that said, I'm wearing my Dolce K right now and feeling fly as hell.