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Fetty Wap Just Dropped A Holiday Classic -- Now I Demand A Christmas Album

Yes, his 'Merry Xmas' is already a classic.

Fetty Wap is on one hell of a hot streak in 2015, so why not try something a little unexpected. Like, say, a Christmas album?

It's a strange idea at first, maybe. But then you think about Fetty's proclivity for wonderful, warm sing raps, and it begins to make sense. And then you listen to his new song, "Merry Xmas," featuring Monty, and you realize this kind of needs to become a reality.

The second the song starts, we hear Christmas bells, alleviating any fears that this was a Christmas song in name only. Then, 10 seconds in, Fetty's melodic moans emerge, right on time.

And from there, it's three-and-a-half minutes of a pre-Christmas miracle.

Reading the lyrics of the chorus is a misdirection, because it suggests that this is either corny or a parody, but it is neither of those things. With that caveat, let's read the lyrics of the chorus:

This is Merry Christmas to you

We're all in love with Christmas, it's true

And all I want for Christmas is you

I said, all I want for Christmas is you

Yup. He sings that. And it's glorious.

Imagine this: Fetty Wap singing all the holiday classics plus his own originals. Drop the damn album, Fetty.