What If Santa Was A Woman? Kids Answer Just That With Hilarious Honesty

Don't even get them started on the presidency.

Not every kid celebrates Christmas or believes in Santa, but those who do tend to share some old fashioned ideas when it comes to the person responsible for delivering presents. Anomaly, a marketing communications firm and advertising agency, put this theory to the test in a festive video posted on December 13.

The social experiment was simple: ask a bunch of adorably accented children, "If Santa was a woman, could she do the job?" Unfortunately, a majority of the participants said no for a variety of reasons, like that her baby might crush the presents. It's like these kids have never heard of Beyoncé.

Don't worry, it wasn't all bad. Some participants had more progressive views on holiday gender roles. "The lady Santa would be much better because she could fit down the chimney much quicklier," remarked one child. One of his peers entertained a similarly inspiring possibility: "Maybe the girl Santa might be like one of the strongest ladies in the world."

Now, that's something we should get kids believing in. Watch the full clip below.

H/T Mashable